• Managing Director

    I’m the Founder and Managing Director of RedCat and am behind the strategy and growth of the company. I am a big family man and have 3 children; Joseph, Luca and Elisa – along with RedCat, these are my true passions in life.

    • Likes – going to the gym, sports, F1, pizza, ice cream, Go-Karting, The Godfather
    • Dislikes – trousers worn way too low, TV soaps, fizzy drinks
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  • Director of Digital Recruitment

    I’ve grown with the company, 16 years is a long time but fundamentally we work with some amazing clients in the digital and emerging technology space, so why move anywhere else?

    I work with a fantastic group of people who don’t take themselves too seriously but are passionate about delivering world-class services for clients and candidates. It’s still fun and people even laugh at my bad jokes!

    • Likes – telling bad jokes, my children (sometimes), my dog (sometimes), sport – just watching.
    • Dislikes – people who walk slowly in London, raisins in a curry, my son changing my iPhone settings and asking him nicely to help me change it back to normal, people who don’t wash and sit next to me on the train, supporting Tottenham and England – disappointment guaranteed!
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  • Head of Content and Editorial

    I Joined RedCat in July 2004 to specialise in Digital Content & Editorial. I head up the content and editorial desk and I have established partnerships with a number of leading media owners, ecommerce company’s and digital agencies.

    I enjoy working for RedCat mainly because of the numerous trips I have been on to Las Vegas & New York! We also have an established team of people and a great working environment.

    • Likes – Watching my step-son play football, watching Spurs win, (this doesn’t happen as often as I would hope!) sunny days, cold beer & expresso martini.
    • Dislikes – Brussel sprouts, caravans, rainy days & warm Bitter.
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  • Head of Ecommerce and Customer Experience

    I joined RedCat in January 2014 after 8 years in Engineering Recruitment so going Digital was a big change! Not only was changing markets a great move for me but my choice of Digital Recruitment companies couldn’t have been better.
    RedCat have an amazing team of people, who are passionate and hardworking, as well as very fun! I have now built a great team here myself and am working with some of the digital market leaders in telco, retail and banking.
    I’ve already witnessed RedCat go from strength to strength over the last 2 years and feel privileged to have been part of that impact 🙂

    • Likes – Wine/cocktails, going to the gym (kind of), chocolate and New Look!
    • Dislikes – vegetables (if its green its mean), jipwhacks, awkward banter
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  • Head of Mobile and Technology Innovation

    I joined RedCat after a background of recruiting into the financial services (with a little dabbling in mobile). It was quite a big move for me, but one that has been the best move that I could of made.

    RedCat has given me a fantastic opportunity to really build out a desk in an area that I am passionate about and an area that i see to be the future. Not only this, but I have been given this chance in a very supportive, fun and trustworthy environment, with some of the most experienced consultants in the digital industry.
    The pizza and drinks every quarter isn’t so bad either!

    • Specialist area: Anything and everything mobile – native, responsive and mobile web as well as front end development.
    • Likes – mulberry, MAC, sushi and travelling.
    • Dislikes – ironing, dishonesty and mosquitos.
  • Head of Online Marketing

    After being a proud RedCat employee for over a year now, I am confident in saying, RedCat is the best working environment I have been a part of to date. The team are friendly, warm, and positive; I look forward to coming to work every day. The quarterly nights out are certainly a lot of fun too!
    Having worked in Digital marketing recruitment for over two years, I decided to specialise in this domain here at RedCat. I source only the finest talent within the exciting and explosive Online Marketing space, by connecting with our existing, unparalleled network and proactively headhunting from the passive candidate market. I also partner with some amazing clients to provide my candidates with only the most relevant, challenging and life changing career moves. I provide professionals for job roles within; PPC, SEO, SEM, Social Media, Display and Web analytics.

    • Likes – Live music, Singing/ Song Writing and The Law of Attraction
    • Dislikes – Negativity, auto tune and celery – yuck!
  • Head of Agency

    I joined RedCat at the end of November to head up the agency side division after a stint working within in house recruitment. I previously led recruitment internally for Isobar (Dentsu Aegis Network), and therefore have a great understanding of the market and various agencies within the industry. RedCat were actually one of my recruitment partners whilst at Isobar and it was their professionalism, combined with their fun attitude that made me want to join them. I’m looking to create real partnerships with onsite recruitment teams and I’m hoping that with the experience I’ve gained from working in house, I can add real value to the recruitment process.

    • Likes – Rugby, Cooking and red wine
    • Dislikes – Football, crowds and wasps
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  • Marketing Manager

    Analogue at birth, digital by design I have been described as waggish, efficacious, indefatigable, demiurgic, convivial marketing companion and a self-made thousandaire.
    I joined the team as the Marketing Manager back in February, since then I’ve transformed our marketing strategy and greatly improved brand awareness. I’m a lone ranger in my department, keeping the marketing platforms and social media focused and driven as I typically spend my day managing online communities and ensuring the blog is filled with engaging content from all RedCat Digital’s specialist areas.
    Me? I’d describe myself as quirky and fun- just take a look at my likes if you don’t believe me!

    • Likes – Video games, hula hooping and memes
    • Dislikes – The colour red, tuna and/or sweetcorn and people that don’t laugh at my jokes
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  • Office Manager

    I have worked for RedCat for over 6 years, and enjoy it here because Tony is my big Brother and my mum made me work here ☺

    • Likes – Crisps, my cat and tortoise, exercising
    • Dislikes – Cheese, mess, my natural hair
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  • Consultant – UX and Design

    I started my career with RedCat in January 2014 on the Mobile and Technology team. I work with an amazing bunch of people in a driven, positive and supportive environment with some of the most experienced specialists in the digital market.

    • Likes- My family, food (especially a good quarter pounder and a big slice of cake), beautiful weather and positive people.
    • Dislikes- Packed trains, negative attitudes, guys that don’t wash their hands after a trip to the gent’s room and those awful things called wedge heels.
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