Year 10 Work Experience: Alessandro’s Placement

RedCat Digital is a recruitment agency specialising in the digital sector. When I found their website whilst I was looking for work experience to do with technology I was curious and eager to learn what their jobs would consist of. It was my interest in technology that led me to this amazing company with a lovely atmosphere where I learnt more than I could imagine from work experience.

Day 1-2:
On my first two days of work experience, I learnt to market map with Jamie B. and Sam. I made a spread sheet of people with a specific job title from certain companies using LinkedIn. I also did some research on the future of UX design. While mapping did get quite repetitive I enjoyed my first days as everyone was very friendly.

Day 3:
On day three I did research for Andy regarding AI controlled industries and those to come for his blog. I learnt a lot about the world of AI, which I find interesting, and that I didn’t know before. I enjoyed doing the research as it was nice being given a real task rather than getting coffee or photocopying papers. Later during the day I went through the list of customers and checked their job title and company on LinkedIn to ensure that everyone who was placed by RedCat had paid for their services.

Day 4:
The fourth day, I finished going through the list from day three and when I was done, I did more market mapping for Sarah and broke my record, 289 people in half a day. I was happy to contribute to the company and help whoever I could with work I could do while they did other work.

Day 5:
On my last day, I went on the RedCat company Twitter page and followed whoever was followed by those on the list. I also wrote this blog. This helped me learn how important Social Media is for a business.

My favourite part of the week was when I did research for Andy’s blog as I am interested in that topic and it was nice to learn more about it. To any other students looking to do work experience placement at RedCat I would say not to be worried about being given tasks such as getting coffee or photocopying sheets of paper, all the work that was given to me allowed me to contribute to the company. I would like to thank everyone at RedCat for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn and to help me see the real atmosphere in an office rather than the stereotypical boring, silent room full of cubicles.

Written by Alessandro Rossi, Work Experience

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