When I joined RedCat Digital back in June my education was in science and my job experience was that of a cook. Without a degree and no industry experience, envisaging becoming a recruitment professional in an industry I had no experience working with seemed like climbing a water slide backwards on roller blades. 4 months into my apprenticeship, my metaphorical training wheels were unscrewed as I was thrown into the world of Ecommerce. My expectations: cold approaches met with cold responses, experts who knew their industry and spoke in jargon which I would struggle to comprehend due to my ignorance of the field but in more ways than not. I was incorrect.

Feeling determined to show my metal as a resourcer on my first truly independent task, I approached the job swinging, but was met with an unexpected obstacle, the manifold of Job titles, each a synonym for the same role; where an online trading manager is the exact same role as a digital marketing manager, the key was understanding the job itself and the differences between online sales and regular sales. Whereas a regular salesman will do exactly what their job title would suggest, an ecommerce trading professional ties in elements of marketing, sales knowledge, design and analytics.

No matter what each candidate was titled, I found the industry to be filled with innovative, creative and friendly individuals who seem to love what they do and this was certainly a warm welcome into the world of recruitment, compared to some other industries. Constantly looking for new opportunities, the average digital marketing manager was either interested in hearing more about the opportunity and subsequently, asked to have a call to give me a better understanding of their experience for future roles or tried their best to point me in the right direction with referrals.

One thing I’ve learned about recruitment from my limited experience, is that you have to defy the stereotype of the recruiter; genuinely having an interest in your industry and the candidates you work with will get you far and this is no challenge with Ecommerce candidates. Each person I spoke with was more passionate than the last, industry leaders moving swiftly to their target roles in high demand, the technical background to their work was clearly explained in a presentable and understandable way, evident in the presentations they would give to senior members of the company and stakeholders without extensive technical knowledge in ecommerce.

Overall I’m finding Ecommerce to be an exciting journey with interesting knowledgeable people immersed in their work. I still have a lot to learn in terms of my understanding of the technical side of ecommerce, but I am happy to be involved in such an innovative industry and look forward to becoming a knowledgeable member of the ecommerce community.

Written by Lewis Batten, Talent Acquisition Manager – Ecommerce

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