When I first joined RedCat Digital back in February, I remember being told about the various recruitment awards that happen in the industry. Not coming from a recruitment background I wasn’t too familiar with these awards and looked into what categories RedCat Digital could be entered for and how we go about entering them. If you’ve ever been part of the nomination process you’ll realise just how much preparation and work goes into it. At the time there were other priorities so we decided that 2018 would be our year.

Fast forward to Wednesday, 4th October and in my inbox, I receive an email from our Managing Director telling me that we were one of the finalists for Best Small Recruitment Agency by The National Online Recruitment Awards. I admit I was very excited. I was so thrilled to hear we had been put forward! From then on I made it my mission to give RedCat the best chance we could have at winning. I made sure to understand the criteria we’d be assessed on and was pleasantly surprised to find out that we’d be judged on our candidate experience.

Best Small Recruitment Agency

Since joining, a lot of my objectives for RedCat Digital has been to build our on our candidate experience; from the usability of our website to the blogs we write. Even so, the competition looked extremely fierce as I clicked through the other finalists’ websites. I was confident, but this being the first award we’ve been nominated for since I joined, I was definitely nervous.

It seems as if, in no time at all, the 15th of November rolled around and the team were preparing to go to The National Online Recruitment Awards held in The West End. It was an amazing atmosphere and such a pleasure to mingle with the other nominees!

When we were announced as the winner for Best Small Recruitment Agency there was a moment of stunned silence from the team before we excitedly made our way to the stage to receive our award. Despite our shock, we are undoubtedly proud to be recognised for all the hard work we do here in the industry.

I would like to say a massive thank you to whoever nominated RedCat Digital and to all of the judges. We are thrilled to have won our category and proudly have our award on display.

I would also like to thank the entire team at RedCat Digital as without the excellent service they provide and their commitment to candidate experience we wouldn’t have won. I’m an extremely proud manager and this win is definitely going to keep me buzzing. Bring on next year!


Written by Kelly Newcomb, Marketing Manager

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