This week in Digital & Technology news | 5th – 11th March

It’s been another busy week in the world of Digital and Technology. In case you missed it, here’s our round up of the bigger news stories that we’ve discussed on our social media channels over the past week.


International Women’s Day 2018

For this first time in the brands history, McDonalds flipped it’s golden arches upside down in honour of international women’s day. A temporary change, the golden arches were also flipped across all digital channels, and special packaging and uniforms were provided for 100 stores across the US. Omnicom’s ‘We Are Unlimited’ directed the marketing stunt and were very happy with the results.  >> Read the full article here.



Ubers new partnership

Uber have announced a global partnership with Dubai-based beauty firm bgX, bringing on-demand styling services to London, Paris and Dubai.  The platform aims to provide women and men who are short on time with the luxury of having premium salon styling directly to their home, hotel or even office. The service isn’t cheap, with £65 fee for a blow dry. >> Read the full article here.


Culture is Digital

This week saw the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport publish the culture is digital report, which explores and celebrates the digital capability of cultural organisations. The report aims to teach UK institutions how to ‘harness the potential of digital technology’ in order to maintain the interest of visitors.  >> Read the full article here. 



The moon is getting its own network

Vodaphone is partnering with Nokia to launch a 4G network on the moon. The project is expected to advance the communications infrastructure required in conducting Lunar research. Robert Böhme, CEO and Founder of Berlin based PTScientists, said:

“In order for humanity to leave the cradle of Earth, we need to develop infrastructures beyond our home planet. With Mission to the Moon we will establish and test the first elements of a dedicated communications network on the Moon.” 

Read the full article here. 


Farewell LittleThings

Digital Publisher LittleThings saw a 75% drop in it’s organic & influencer traffic which was caused by Facebooks latest Algorithm update. As a result of this, they have now announced that the company is ceasing operations. The latest algorithm update by Facebook prioritzes content from friends and family over content from brands and publishers. >> Read the full article here. 



March for Giants

Starting Thursday 8th March, a herd of thousands of Digital elephants will march around the world in a bid to stop poaching and the Ivory trade. The virtual herd will be seen on digital billboards in iconic location and each elephant represents an elephant in the wild that has been protected by a person during this campaign. >> Read the full article here.


SpareRoom’s DNA Testing

SpareRoom will be trialling the use of DNA testing to help flatshare hunters find the perfect roommate, based on their personalities. As part of the service, users will receive a DNA kit – providing a saliva sample and would then take an online personality test. 60% of our personality is influenced by DNA, while the rest is affected by environmental factors. >> Read the full article here. 


Amazon’s Alexa has a creepy laugh

Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa has been spooking it’s users with an unprompted cackle, without any prior interaction. The device, is designed to respons or act when prompted with a wake up word, like ‘Alexa’. Amazon was made aware of this glitch in the system and responded: “We’re aware of this and working to fix it”. Alexas voice commands are recorded and sent to their cloud for processing. However this glitch has stoked fears of potential eavesdropping. >> Read the full article here. 


Google’s new contract

Google has quietly secured a contract to work for the Pentagon’s defence department, providing Artificial Intelligence for drone strike targeting. The initiative is working to develop deep learning technology in a bid to help drone analysts interpret the image data in a bid to better target bombing strikes against the Islamic State. >> Read the full article here. 



Jurrasic World’s getting a game

Following in the footsteps of Pokemon go, Jurrasic World are releasing an IOS and Android app. Using Augmented Reality, users will be able to explore the real world looking for dinosaurs and collecting DNA. Once you have connected enough DNA you can then create your own DNA in the lab to have your own dinosaur showdowns. The app will be available to play in the Spring time.  >> Read the full article here. 


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