We have had the pleasure of having yet another bright, young student join us here at RedCat Digital for their Year 10 work experience placement. We asked Najifa to tell us about her outlook for the future and the impact of modern technology. These are her own words.


Career and education

At school, I am currently studying many different subjects which I have a major interest in. They vary from dance to history and triple science. Even though I am very passionate about dance I wouldn’t see myself working in this sector in the future as it is only just a hobby. Ever since I was really young I always knew that I would want to have a career in the science field most specifically, biology, as it is an area of study which I am certainly better at and thoroughly enjoy. This decision has partly been influenced by family and teachers as well as myself. Growing up my parents always had high ambitions for me to become a doctor as they believe I have a lot of potential and therefore recommend that I further study the science subjects for A-levels and in university. Although I already know this is what I want to do for further education I also know that working for a doctor role is not the only option as there are many other fields within the science industry which I can take and this has been discussed about between me and my science teachers who have encouraged me and suggested a few possible pathways.

After secondary school and college, university is the next place where I would want to go as I want to receive a degree and achieve a very well high paid job, however, it does worry me about the costs that I will incur. I am mainly concerned about the amount of debt I will be in after university and how I will be able to pay it off if I don’t find a job immediately. My elder sister has been to university and at first, it was extremely difficult for her to pay off her debts which I saw her really anxious about as she didn’t have a full-time job but now she does.

Some may say that university is a must but I believe that it is a choice and if you think it is best for you and your future then you should enrol. Not everyone wants to go to university because they may think it’s not worth it as you need to pay a lot of money and finding jobs today are very difficult or because there are alternative routes which you can think about for example, apprenticeships. When talking about the time ahead and what students would like to do with their education, the school only ever advises us about university and how that is a good option for us. We don’t ever get strong advice on apprenticeships which are also available to us, therefore, we don’t receive a broader understanding of what we would want to do in the future other than going to university. Some students may think then that university is the only option and therefore feel forced to attend when really apprenticeships could possibly be the greatest opportunity for them.

For careers advice, I would usually go to someone who I think is well experienced and can give me good support, this would then influence my decision as I would have a better understanding of careers. The careers advice that I do receive however is reasonably decent and school have made a big impact on that. Since the beginning of secondary school, we have been given advice about careers and future paths many times throughout each year. We have had many PSHE lessons about it where we would look at different people’s situations and other scenarios. We have also had many workshops which included the world of work where a lot of professionals came in and talked about their own experiences. We also had a lot of preparation for job interviews and how we should handle them. However I think the careers advice we receive can be improved as it is not in enough depth and we are usually just told about other people and the choices they made, therefore, I feel like I am not yet equipped enough to make such important life decisions for myself and it does feel more like educated guesswork.


Moving into adulthood

I feel very nervous about the future especially when I transition to college and even university as everything will become much more challenging and it also means having more responsibilities but I am also excited to see how successful my colleagues and I hopefully become.
I am aware of the economic effects of Brexit and how it will affect the whole of the UK when the changes are actually made. As I am staying in the UK for university, Brexit won’t affect my outlook of the future and therefore not impact me negatively as much, however, students that choose to study, travel and work elsewhere in the EU should be concerned that Brexit would limit their opportunities. It is likely in the future that UK students will face higher fees in many European countries as they will no longer be eligible for domestic rates. They may also need to apply for student visas and may have reduced rights to work after their studies. As a result of this, Brexit is something which I don’t think about as it won’t really affect me.

In the next five years I see myself studying sciences at university and possibly living at the university campus or somewhere nearby. I also imagine to be working part-time but I am not entirely sure where or as what.


Growing up with Social Media

I use different platforms of social media on a regular basis, a lot of things that happen daily revolve around social media.  One positive effect of social media that I have noticed is that I have fostered new connections with people from different schools and areas by just sharing information about myself and publishing videos and pictures. Another positive impact of social media is that it has enabled me to become more creative and innovative as when sharing content, new applications that have been released allow me to express individuality and uniqueness.  On the other hand there are also many negative effects of social media in which I have also recognised. Cyberbullying is probably the most distressing aspect of social media that I have witnessed and because of this a small number of my friends or people I know have suffered from low self-esteem and confidence. Another negative impact is that it is difficult to distinguish between meaningful relationships in the real world and casual relationships that have been formed through social media. I feel like I have been focusing on these less meaningful relationships more and as a result, important connections between a few of my family members and I have weakened.


Technology of the Future

In the future there will come a time where we eventually run out of essentials, for example, fuels to power our current style cars therefore solar and electric power will need to be used in order to make our current cars more economical and efficient. Some examples of future technological devices include automatic food defrosting, wireless kettles, internet TV, charging electronics wireless and at-home electricity-generating wind turbines. Businesses use technology to speed up their services and cut down on costs.

Written by Najifa, Year 10 Work Experience Student

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