Customer Facing Data Scientist | Frankfurt | Financial Services Experience | Circa. €130k

If you consider yourself a pretty sh*t hot Data Scientist, someone who knows how to get the most out of their data but feel your talents are wasted when you’re stuck in a back-end function. Bit of an in-betweener who isn’t quite a Software Engineer but also not a Managing Consultant, then this job could be for you.


My client is an American Data Science company, not a consultancy, publisher, fintech or a general tech company. This is something they feel very strong about, their founders are Data Scientists as is the vast majority of the workforce of 300 and as such Data Science (more specifically Machine Learning) is at the absolute heart of everything they are about.


Their business is automated Machine Learning, they have developed a product which can offer these services to some of the most recognised brands across multiple sectors worldwide. In order to do this they hire some of the most talented people in the industry who can research how to improve and develop their product, as well as those who are world-class business developers who can engage the market in a way that raises their profile significantly.


However these are not the people we are currently looking for, a Customer Facing Data Scientist is a bit of an in-betweener. A mix of world-class hands-on work building Machine Learning models for clients as well as more consultancy-style work in a client facing role. Your role entails consulting with new clients to find out what they are looking for from the product, what problems are they looking to solve, then going away and personalising the product for them, getting hands on with some data before coming back in and implementing into their systems, providing technical demonstrations to both in house data & engineering teams as well as to non-technical C-level stakeholders. From here you then act as a point of contact going forward, the face of the business for this client.


For this role we look for people who first and foremost are a Data Scientist, preferably a pretty senior one who has been working as one for 4-5 years. You will have great skills specifically in building Machine Learning models but you will also not be the kind of person who just sits in a dark room and plays with numbers. You will be comfortable in a commercial and client-facing role and will have the skills of a consultant alongside your skills as a Data Scientist. For this particular role we are looking for those who have experience within the financial services sector as these will be the clients you will work with the most.


The UK office leads the European function, it’s small and very non-hierarchical. It includes Data Scientists who were leading teams in the past as well as those who were senior members of teams.  As well as those in London there is a small team of Customer Facing Data Scientists as well as salespeople in Germany. There is currently no office space in Frankfurt so to begin with this role will be 100% remote/working from home although you must be based in the Frankfurt region.

Fluent German & English is necessary for this role


The salary is very generous and flexible, you are looking at 6 figures but there is no upper limit for the right person. This is also a role where you get stock options and bonus on top, so could be a great step forward.


If you call me I can tell you more details about who the company are and what their huge plans are for 2019. This is a role which is different to most others and could be a huge opportunity for the right person. Get in touch today on ard@redcat-digital.com.


Customer Facing Data Scientist | Frankfurt | Financial Services Experience | Circa. €130k