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Principal-level Software Engineer needed for a fintech startup, building with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to modernise finance.

About the role

This role is working in a small, fast-paced team on building end-to-end products. The products hold a real range, and can be anything from building actual cryptocurrency, working on solutions for worldwide-known banks to help deal with the speed of their daily transactions, or helping understand how to digitise and trade valuable commodities. These all have the overall aim of creating a frictionless economy, that’s faster, cheaper and built with more up-to-date technology than is commonly used across the globe.

As a Senior, you wouldn’t just expect to come in, be told what to do, and hack away. They want you to have a real influence on architecture and technical decisions, as well as being a mentor and leader throughout the team. You’ll be helping define what the products look like, and how they should work, and also pushing forward best practices and principles across the engineering team.

What skills do you need?

First and foremost you need to be an experienced engineer with a genuine understanding of core programming – data structures, algorithms and the like – and great problem solving skills. By no means do you need a degree for this role, but you will be expected to know computer science concepts inside-out.

You can be working across Kotlin, Go, TypeScript, Kubernetes and AWS. Although having knowledge of all these technologies would be great, it’s by no means a necessary. As long as you’re happy to pick up, learn and develop your own skillset, they’re happy to consider you for this role.

Lastly, as a technical influencer in the business, you would need to prove you know your way around architecture, happy to have discussions with product teams, senior stakeholders, as well as previous experience in technical breadth across the engineering team.

Jack Prior

Principal Tech Consultant