Recruiting Talent in the Ecommerce World: Newbie Recruiters’ Perspectives

Our newest editions to Team Ecommerce, Lewis Batten and Giulia Menenti, have just made their first placements and are continuing to make waves in their department. We’ve asked them to reflect on their time here at RedCat, focussing on what they’ve learnt about recruiting for Ecommerce roles.


How did you find your respective markets?

L: During my short experience with Ecommerce and Web Analytics I honestly found the most surprising aspect to be the variation between the average personalities for each market. Generalising for a moment, I found that different approaches worked for each industry. With Ecommerce, a personable and genuine explanation of the business’s culture and exciting aspects of the business sparks a fantastic conversation and an insight into the real needs and wants of your candidates. With Analytics, it was much more about facts, figures and giving an honest explanation of where the business was headed and exactly what they hope to achieve and expect from the candidate. Once I openly admitted that I wanted to learn, I was surprised by the willingness most within the analytical field had to elaborate. Both industries have introduced me to some incredible people who have shaped my knowledge and enabled me to really understand my market. We actually held an event where I was able to meet members of the industry and for a few of my newer candidates, this was the first time we had had a conversation face to face, I honestly can’t recommend this enough as it really accentuated the personal side of recruitment.

G: Ecommerce is full of surprises. It gives me the chance to speak with so many interesting people coming from many different backgrounds, each one of them with some fascinating stories to tell. I guess what excites me the most about ecommerce is the endless learning experience. There is so much to learn, every role has got its own peculiarities and requires its own set of skills. I could never get bored with it!


What were some of the struggles you faced?

L: I’ve honestly found that while sometimes recruitment can feel like being thrown into the deep end, if you fight you’ll always float. Don’t be intimidated by a new challenge. There’s a lot of self-faith required, sometimes you’ll be on a massive high with a huge pipeline to back you up, then the next day you can have nothing. Learn to deal with stress with the fight response rather than the flight response, don’t overthink things and just keep trying.

G: The market moves extremely fast and, despite the good sides of it, it can often be a struggle. It becomes a race against time.


Any tips for other people looking to become junior recruiters?

L: Don’t think twice about diving into your role, be honest and admit that you aren’t an expert if you’re new to it. Everyone you speak to is a human being and it’s much less frustrating for your candidates to be honest about your knowledge than to pretend to understand their experience and leave the call without the ability to present their experience in a manner that does them justice, it’s bad for your candidate and bad for you.

G: Just go for it.
However, looking for the right company to start your recruitment career in is key, so make sure you do your research first. I haven’t been in recruitment for a long time, but I can assure you … it’s a roller coaster of emotions. In one single day, you may end up experiencing a whole spectrum of emotions (sadness, happiness, excitement, frustration…) and some days it’s not a pleasant one. However, one good day is often all you need to forget about all the bad ones. So, definitely worth the hassle.

Written by Lewis Batten and Giulia Menenti, Talent Acquisition Managers – Ecommerce

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