Diversity & Inclusion

Hire and retain
diverse talent

Our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives are bespoke consultancy services. They include; tailor made workshops, unconscious bias training, events, market mapping and more.

We partner with clients to ensure diverse talent pools and help them foster a truly inclusive culture - regardless of gender, age, race, religion, sexuality or disability.

Our goal is to create diverse and inclusive environments and provide equal opportunities to all.

What do we offer?

Talent Attraction

We help you understand how inclusive your brand is perceived to be in the market. Through consultations we highlight your diversity issues and put new strategies in place to help you attract more diverse talent. We analyse your current job descriptions and adverts and help form any necessary solutions.

Talent Engagement

We ensure we’re fully up to speed with client objectives and provide workshops on unconscious bias training, blind CV’s and the interview process for the talent pool. We help you recognise opportunities within your organisation and can implement cross-training solutions to help increase retention.

Talent Retention

We believe that to create equal opportunities senior management should be at the forefront of change. We conduct anonymous interviews and rethink onboarding processes, appraisals, training and development. We’re on hand to highlight any issues within your work environment and work to form solutions to create an inclusive company culture.

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