Remember Google Glass? That augmented reality (AR) bit of kit that everyone got over-excited about a few years back? Well, it looks like Google Glass 2 is on the way soon, though it’s being developed strictly for business users, according to latest reports.

Google Glass 2 Enterprise Edition is on the way, having been passed through the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) in the US, which means they are now legally allowed to go on sale.

New AR faceputer from Google

Google’s new AR faceputer is being developed specifically for businesses. The FCC listing was noticed this month by MySmartPrice, though the details on what hardware features and new apps they might be packing are still a bit thin on the ground to date.

The original Google Glass Enterprise Edition first shipped last year with a better battery, faster processor and more storage than the original consumer edition.

Keep an eye out for the new Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 which we hope will be available to buy in the UK sometime very soon.

Mind you, if you do want to buy it, you will want to ‘expense it’ – as the last model launched for around $1,830 / £1,400 / AU$2,310!

Via TechRadar

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