Artificial Intelligence (AI) has much to offer the recruitment and human resources industries, helping to match companies with the best-skilled individuals faster, more efficiently and better than ever before.

Instead of the usual ‘tabloid scare’ story around AI – that intelligent robots are going to take jobs away from human workers – there is a far more positive story to be told around AI and human resources.

Using AI to shorten the hiring cycle for important and critical (and traditionally ‘hard to fill’) vacancies such as team leaders, sales managers, C-suite officers, and product managers is the real opportunity here.

AI-powered HR Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots are already being employed in innovative ways by recruitment agencies and enterprise HR, to help companies deal with some of the more basic and repetitive tasks in the process.

Such chatbots are able to engage in “natural” conversations with candidates, keeping them updated with personalised news about the recruitment process. Chatbots can also help to convert website visitors into active candidates, with interested potential candidates far more likely to engage via online chat.

Chatbots are also able to update a company’s candidate database with all the latest relevant information, which removes a considerable amount of repetitive manual work from the recruiter or agency.

In addition to helping with sourcing the right candidates for a position, AI can also help recruiters out with scheduling interviews, screening the best potential candidates for a role, writing better job descriptions (often the first interaction a company has with a candidate) and lots more.

In short, AI can help companies and recruitment agencies hire better, faster and far more cost-effectively than ever before!



Via TechGenix

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