The impact of coronavirus has been widespread, affecting each and every industry for better or worse. Businesses have had to make redundancies, furlough their staff and even make pay cuts across the board in order to survive. Not all is lost however. The world is now starting to return to normality, albeit a new normal. That’s why we want to know, what will the new normal be for your company?

While we realise there is a huge amount of uncertainty throughout all businesses at present, we still want to hear your thoughts on the following so that we can feedback valuable information on hiring & recruitment back to our candidates, clients and the wider digital community.

The Survey

Our hiring survey will take no longer than 5 minutes to complete and comprises of 6 multiple choice questions, which you can see below. This is a survey about hiring and recruitment across digital and tech sectors and is aimed at employees who are in positions to hire. Recruiters up to CEO’s.

  1. Have you paused hiring due to covid-19?
  2. If you are still hiring, what areas are considered critical?
  3. If you’ve paused hiring, when do you think you’ll be able to start hiring again?
  4. Once you do start hiring again, will you use recruiters?
  5. How many hires are you planning to make in 2020?
  6. Do you believe you will increase the number of contractors you hire, rather than committing to permanent headcount?

We’ll be publishing the findings in July, but those who fill out the survey will be sent the first copy in June before general release.

The opinions you give will aid honest and transparent information sharing across the industries we work in. And naturally, if you are hiring and need help filling a role – reach out to us @RedCat Digital.

It’s our digital future.

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