Finnish Startup develops mixed reality

Siemens has invested in a new Finnish virtual reality startup that is aiming to create ‘human eye-resolution’ VR, it emerged this month.

Two-year-old VR startup Varjo (which means ‘shadow’ in Finnish) has raised a $31m (£24m) series B funding round, led by Atomico, one of London’s top venture capital firms.

Founded in 2016, Varjo  (pronounced “Var-yo”) is developing “the world’s first” human-eye resolution virtual reality (VR) and mixed reality (XR) – considerably higher in resolution than Oculus, Magic Leap or Microsoft’s HoloLens – and, unlike those devices, is targeting the B2B and industrial sectors.

Major brands on board

Varjo is already working with major brands such as Airbus, Audi, Saab and Volkswagen to develop virtual reality tech for specific industrial use-cases.

The company claims that its VR headset offers in the region of 50 megapixels of detail per eye, which is around 20 times that of consumer devices.

Varjo is aiming to launch the first version of its hardware later this year.

You can see more on Varjo’s tech right here

Via The Telegraph and TechCrunch

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