Switching industries within Recruitment – From Health to Technology

I joined RedCat Digital at the start of March, in a whole different realm of recruitment. Coming from a recruitment agency who predominantly focused on occupational health and recruiting nurses to the digital space, I didn’t think the change would be easy. Digital and technology have always been an interest of mine. From creating custom computers to playing around with a lot of different tech like gaming, cameras to name a few.

2 months into the role and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Going from playing football at a high level, travelling the world as a social media manager, to occupational health recruitment to now, I feel I’ve lived a crazy life so far and at the age of 20, it’s only getting better. The support at RedCat has been massive and from my first day I’ve never felt like a new employee, everyone is treated as an equal from Director to Talent Acquisition Manager, we’re all just in the same boat… trying to place professionals into their dream job.


I’m a part of the newly appointed contract division specialising in front-end development. My first day consisted of speaking to candidates within the sector and predominantly asking them questions about front-end, learning the market straight from the horse’s mouth. Everyone has been exceptional, and I’ve built some incredible relationships already. I’d even go so far as to class them as friends, from going out for a coffee with them to even eating lunch and sharing a cold pint in the heart of Shoreditch.

It’s always going to be daunting changing the way you work, the people you’re around, your knowledge, under new management, and starting from the bottom to build relationships with people who you’ve never spoken to before. One key tip is to take the time out to understand the needs of who you’re speaking to and just keep in touch to even say hello and see how they’re getting on, I like to think of my “candidates” like my friends, and to just be genuine and honest. That’s what Redcat’s all about.


In all honesty, my knowledge of front-end development was restricted. However, RedCat has given me the time and the resources to build up knowledge and with the support of my colleagues and the support of the developers within the sector, my understanding has grown. I can now say I’m comfortable with the different types of frameworks, the different types of technology, understanding the businesses and what’s going on in the tech world.

I don’t want to be the stereotypical recruiter. I want to be a friend, who you’d come for a chat, chin wag and a  cold beer. I’m passionate about your future and care about your needs and what you’d want from a recruiter.

At RedCat we’re all about transparency, honesty and integrity and want to get the best for you… the professional. I’m extremely excited to see what the future holds, and happy to be your next go-to friend within the tech industry. I like to learn something on every phone-call, every e-mail, every in-mail, every meet-up so teach me, tell me something I don’t know because I’m all ears and I love what I do.

Overall front-end development is a bumpy ride, but we’ll get there together. I still have much to learn and understand within the sector, but I’m happy to be part of it with you guys and girls.


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Written by Harry Pluckrose, Front-end Development Recruitment Consultant – Contract