Yes, it’s that time of year again. The kids are going back to school and Apple releases a new iPhone. That’s how things work now.

Well, they have at least since 2012. So it would be a shocker if Apple decided to pass on releasing a new iPhone model or models in 2018!

And, as per, Apple’s many fan-sites and tech news sites see it as their mission to second-guess what Apple’s hardware and software engineers have in mind for us this time around.

According to Business Insider this week, many Apple ‘insiders’ are calling this year an ‘S’ year, based on this latest report from Bloomberg. In normal language, an S year is a ‘speed year’, compared to those years in which a new design is unveiled by Apple. Which, weirdly, aren’t called a D year.

Apple is looking pretty likely to launch three new iPhone models this September, according to Bloomberg and other reports.

Each with an iPhone X-like design, with the following three models set for release, according to the BI report:

  • One phone will look like the iPhone X, which costs $999, but have internal upgrades, including faster processing and a better camera.
  • Another will be a “high-end” large phone that’s about the size of the iPhone 8 Plus but with an edge-to-edge screen measuring 6.5 inches. One new software feature will be the ability to use two apps side by side, taking advantage of the bigger screen, according to Bloomberg. It’s possible that because of the larger screen, this device will cost even more than $999, though prices haven’t been announced yet.
  • Perhaps the best-selling new iPhone model will be a less expensive device that could come in multiple colours and use a 6.1-inch LCD screen — also with the cut-out for Apple’s Face ID camera — to keep costs down. Previous estimates suggest this device could be priced closer to $550 or $650.

Apple’s annual launch event will no doubt be announced within the coming days and we’ll have all the finalised details sooner than we know it.

Via Business Insider

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