Two Bit Circus brings its micro amusement park to Tinseltown, reports TechCrunch this week.

Two Bit Circus is a virtual reality extravaganza replication of an indoor amusement park that is set to give all Angelenos the opportunity to take the first peek at this new way of reinventing the funhouse for a new generation of amusement seekers.

The founders originally produced a VR experience for a Microsoft E3 launch event in LA followed by gigs for companies like Intel, Warner Brothers.

“In the beginning we did temporary installations because our biggest struggle was that no one understood what it was that we were building,” Gradman said. “We had to convince people that this is what they wanted. Now, many years later people are starting to acknowledge the fact that tech is changing the way we have fun.”

“About 80{a990e605127f06bac58d8f530ec8d3ddc1721ced564bd12be3752b381e1e9f7f} of the games are purpose built,” founder Brent Bushnell said of the diversions that are on display. “There are clues that take you on different experiences in the park,” Bushnell said. “We want to reward the curious and provide Easter eggs for fans.”

The park opens to the public September 7, and is free to enter.

“LA is a template,” said Bushnell of the companies plans. “This is absolutely designed to replicate. There is, moreso now than at any time in our history, an absolute glut of retail. A fact that’s confirmed by millennials who are looking for new ways to engage.”

Via Techcrunch

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