It’s always a ‘New Year, New something’, after January 1st. However, for 2019 there is actually something new going on over here at RedCat Digital.

As a business, the last 18 years has been about partnering with our clients to provide a great service and add value to their recruitment. The digital sector has not been without its challenges; due to the growth in vacancies and an obvious skills shortage in most verticals.

Over the last year a lot of our clients have started to request ‘diverse’ shortlists and talked about a ‘lack of diversity’ in their teams. But what do they mean by this? And what do they want to do about it?

I have worked in recruitment for over 14 years and have certainly seen a lot of changes as well as new approaches but ultimately the goal remains; find the client the best person for the job.

Diversity & Inclusion

You only have to google this term to see how much content and statistics there are out there highlighting that an issue that needs addressing. Last year, the British Government created a new Digital Skills Innovation Fund with a £1million investment to boost diversity in tech roles, with an additional £400,000 available to help older and disabled people gain new digital skills.

With this investment and clients sharing with us their challenges and issues; as recruitment specialists there must be something we can do. Therefore, our aim is to work with clients to address particular challenges they are facing and provide solutions that will help improve diversity and inclusion in the digital sector.

We want to make the digital environment a better place. So, for us, diversity and inclusion is all about creating equal opportunities. We believe that the greatest companies are driven by the finest employees, and that we can build a bridge between the two. For us, recruitment isn’t a one-size-fits-all, and we work closely with our clients to offer bespoke solutions, tailored to suit their needs.

Why is this important to me?

As a female who spent the first 8 years of her career in male dominated offices; I have experienced working in an environment where there was a clear gender gap. I have always been passionate about understanding my client’s needs and helping to provide solutions. Therefore, RedCat Digital and I are fully committing to building and delivering tailored packages, in order to improve the astonishing statistics out in the current market.

Here are some eye openers: –

  • Only 17 per cent of employees in the UK tech sector are women
  • 88.8% of employees in the digital sector are from a white ethnic group
  • There is currently only one openly gay CEO in the FTSE 100

Let’s work together to make a difference…

Our goal is to meet and discuss this topic with as many people in the industry to gain more knowledge around Diversity and Inclusion and collaborate to find solutions to close out the gaps some organisations are experiencing.

I am extremely keen to start some enthusiastic conversations and get the industry involved in events, meet-ups and utilise our expertise in the digital sector to create equal opportunities in all verticals.



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