As many of you know, last week was London Tech Week – a fantastic week of events and talks on everything tech related. I went over to Baker Street to listen to a number of insightful talks at ‘Marketing in Today’s Global Age’ and I wanted to share some of the fantastic ideas that were bounced around the room.

After initial introductions and some rather lovely pastries, we were introduced to Eric Fulwiler, Executive Director at VaynerMedia. His key point was about focusing on ‘attention’ (audiences consuming the content you are putting out) and how quickly the consumer’s attention can change. Gone are the days when companies could simply buy an advertising slot and expect consumers to pay attention. Now they need to make their content engaging enough for consumers to choose to consume it – this makes the marketing and advertising world a lot more competitive. With mobile replacing TV as the primary device for attention – what can marketers do to stay ahead of the game?

Eric initially talked us through changing the traditional ‘top-down’ ideology, instead of starting with one big idea i.e. a TV campaign, and hoping it will have the desired effect, start from the bottom up – put out 6 or 7 smaller ideas, across a number of platforms and from there work out which is most effective. Staying ahead in the current climate is key and there are an array of different platforms that people use to consume information, it is important to work out where your target audience’s attention lies and the best way to do this is through testing and learning. If you can put out content over 6/7 different platforms as opposed to one you can save both time and money.

Eric then went on to discuss the importance of video advertising and that it has become a lot more effective than audio or written word, according to MWP, 55{a990e605127f06bac58d8f530ec8d3ddc1721ced564bd12be3752b381e1e9f7f} of people watch videos online every day. Video is here to stay, and marketers need to be creating engaging content that their customers will want to consume, Eric even went on to say that Marketers should ‘act like a publisher, not an advertiser’ – I appreciate there will be mixed views on this point but I definitely agree that video marketing and content needs to be key in all marketing strategies in today’s landscape. During his talk Eric also discussed Segmentation, Data and Influencer Marketing (keep an eye out for my next couple of blogs that will cover all of this in more detail.)

During the event, we also heard from Miles Lewis, VP of Shazam Brands, and Alex Smales, Founder & CEO of Tribemix. They also gave some incredibly valuable insight into the changing marketing world and what brands can do to stay ahead of the game and keep consumers engaged including the magical world of AR and VR. Over the next few weeks I will be writing further blogs on the insight they gave – so watch this space!

Written by Enya Haughey, Talent Aquisition Manager – Digital Marketing


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