Here’s another one from London Tech Week for you! I found this topic incredibly interesting, as I had never realised this brand’s full scope in the past, which is why I want to share it with you. So without further ado, today’s blog topic is SHAZAM!

Now, I am sure everyone has used Shazam at least once in their lifetime; there is nothing more annoying that not being able to remember the name of a song or artist, so it is an incredibly handy app. With more than 40 million tracks on their database, and 100 million users each month, it is safe to say it is one of the world’s most popular apps – but, I hear you ask ‘how is this at all relevant to marketing?’. During the event, we heard from Miles Lewis (VP of Shazam Brands) and he certainly opened my eyes to how effective Shazam can be for brand marketing.

A number of brands have used Shazam to drive sales and revenue including BMW, Shop Direct and SimplyBe, these campaigns involved encouraging users to Shazam their advertisements, thus linking them directly to landing pages and websites. Another great example of this was a recent campaign by ‘The Chainsmokers’. Their OOH (out-of-home) campaign involved an interactive poster that linked consumers straight through to their sample music, encouraging them to buy the album.

Malteasers also teamed up with Shazam on a global-first Augmented Reality campaign, this involved making all customer touch points interactive including TV, Retail and OOH – see the link here

These are just some of the ways Shazam can be used to market and enhance brands – So, why is it such a successful form of Marketing? The consumer is in control, they are not being forced to view content and it is entirely in their hands – they are therefore more likely to view it and take it in as opposed to dismissing it completely. In a world where innovation is key, platforms like Shazam will most definitely thrive!

Written by Enya Haughey, Talent Acquisition Manager – Digital and Online Marketing


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