You did it, you got the job (queue fist-pump action)! By this time all the hard work, presentations and preparation has paid off and you are so ready to jump ship! You anxiously head into a meeting room with your manager to give them the news that you will be heading on to pastures new…and then they hit you with it! The counter offer!

Let’s face it, counter-offers are always flattering regardless of if they are monetary or not, this can make it difficult for us to turn down especially in the face of your current manager. Don’t panic! It’s completely normal to feel torn at this point but here are some things you should know before choosing whether to stick or twist!

  • According to Helen Pedder of ClearSky Business, “more than 60% of UK-based employees who accept a counter-offer end up leaving the organisation in question within six months anyway.”
  • Is the counter-offer is genuine? Hiring your replacement can be a long and time-consuming process, is your employer avoiding this and taking the easy route of keeping you in the position or is your value to them being genuinely appreciated?
  • As tempting as a large salary increase and/ or title promotions can be, will this compromise your future progression in the long term following acceptance of the counter-offer?
  • What was your initial reasoning for leaving the said employer in the first place? Are these reasons negated with the counter-offer?
  • Take a step back, in the moment you are counter-offered it can be easy to get a little over-excited and accept on the spot; don’t be afraid to ask for time to think things through and reflect. It is your career after all!

Finally, each individual’s situation will differ slightly but as a rule – if it’s clear the odds are stacked against a positive long-term outcome for those who accept counter-offers, it’s important you have time to weigh up the pros and cons. This is a topic that I am passionate about and have had much experience of guiding candidates in making the right decision for them if you should find yourself under counter-offer and would like further advice do get in touch!


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