The British Chamber of Commerce recently highlighted that labour and skills shortages were likely to be the biggest challenge that firms face this year. Companies need to confront the problem by investing in skills, and the government needs to provide the certainty to encourage them to spend, the British Chamber of Commerce added in its economic survey for the final quarter of the year.

With unemployment falling to a 42 year low of 4.3%, Brexit on the horizon, the uncertainty about our Departure from the European Union leading to fears about our ability to hire top international talent, there has never been a greater need for companies to work with recruitment companies that can both identify and secure top passive talent.

The widening gap between the skills that employers need and what the workforce can offer is one of the biggest “barriers to growth”, according to the British Chamber of Commerce.

Since RedCat Digital was founded 18 years ago attracting and securing top talent, whether it be in the recession or dotcom boom, has always been the key challenge. However, in the 18 years I’ve recruited into this industry the pull on talent has never been so fierce. Blue-chip brands are growing digital teams due to either transformation or innovation, start-ups are still attracting serious funding across all sectors, the likes of FinTech are maturing and employing large numbers. Internationally, there are hotbeds all over the globe; New York, San Fran, Texas, Berlin, Amsterdam, HK, Singapore, Australia, Dubai – talented digital professionals have never had so many career options.

The need for recruitment agencies, who understand their market and offer proactive, targeted recruitment solutions has never been greater. Here at RedCat Digital, we have proved our ability to partner long-term with brands, understand their needs and to deliver top talent, hence being preferred suppliers to some of the worlds biggest brands, partnering with many for over 10 years and placing over 100 specialists in some clients.

It’s imperative that recruitment processes are efficient, that everyone is invested and committed to recruitment drives and that the right levels of investment are in place. You can find partners who will work at low percentages but what level of services can they provide?

2018 is going to be an amazing year, if you are facing challenges in attracting the right digital talent please get in touch with me to discuss the recruitment solutions we offer.


Written by Jamie Webber, Director of Digital Recruitment 

LinkedIn: Jamie Webber / RedCat Digital

Twitter:  @Jamie_RedCat @RedCat_Digital

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